Never let your art of love be a forgery

Love is art to each individual person because every one chooses to love and paint differently. Each relationship starts as a blank canvas. What the art piece starts as is a building block on what the final masterpiece will look like.

Art the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aestheticprinciples, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.  (

I look at my friends and i enjoy the time i spend with them because they are all unique artists and the way they see the world is all a little different in the way their lives are painted. When true artists that are willing to let their natural one of a kind ability be genuinely revealed can bring color and beauty to everything in the world around them.

I love to design and do DIY projects. It is something about being able to see something beautiful in a bunch of random things that many would not associate, and being able to take them and create a one of a kind art piece.

When you start a new art piece like a new relationship it is about seeing it thru. Sometimes while creating things, problems can arise and the project doesn't seem to be going as planned. Sometimes you even have to make alterations or redraw the plans to still finish the art work. These moments can be frustrating, if you allow it to effect your emotions. If you choose to calm yourself and look at the big picture. Your one step closer to the outcome and in this moment you will learn to do things you never knew you where capable of doing. It then builds on your craftsmanship and unique artistry.

Every project starts as a blank canvas and i have learned so much while finding who i am as a designer and artist. Some important life lessons i have learned as a artist.

  1. Never think you can't do something.
  2. Let your imagination inspire you.
  3. Always be a student of your craft.
  4. Much of the time it is about having the right tools and supplies.
  5. Try new things.
  6. Mess things up.
  7. Learn from others.
  8. Take and listen to critique and criticism.
  9. If you love the idea don't stop until you complete it.
  10. A art piece may change direction as you go. That is alright!
  11. In art it is like being a music conductor, you know how the music is written, you know how to Que the sections and keep them in time, but you can't play every instrument in every section. So yes with the right pieces you can conduct a masterpiece. It is still up to what you have to work with and being able to get the best out of it.

Over my life i am still in pursuit of really becoming a master in the art of love. I think just like their are always more art pieces, and more parts to a project. That their is always more you can do and learning the art of love never stops. To be a master of anything is never knowing everything, but be a person in constant pursuit. Are you a person that is in constant pursuit to be a better lover?

I hope i never loose the true meaning of art. I never want to loose the quality of my love. Always strive to become a better producer of my love. Learn to better express my love, and always work toward painting it beautiful to the eye, appealing to the touch, and more than ordinary to experience for each person i come in contact with and know.

Being a forgery is not always easy, but it is never rewarding. You create a masterpiece that others enjoy because they think it is real, but never truly being able to enjoy the real work of a true masterpiece at hand. You might give others a false sense of love and yes that is a big disservice to them. The truth of the matter the forger is the true sucker in love. They never gave real love so they can never truly receive it. You can't give something you never had to give and you can't receive what was never there to receive.

You want true love in your life well  its starts with you. How about becoming a real artist for once by creating your own one of a kind masterpiece. Lets not destroy any more blank canvases in our lives, but lets create masterpieces by giving your all one of a kind art, "LOVE!"


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Are you just going to ride your ship down?

I love to watch documentaries and not to long ago i watched a documentary on the Titanic. There where so many different things that happened that night that if done different could have made the events of that night so much different.

First, maybe because there where some over confidence because this was called the unsinkable ship. When we know in life anything man made is not sink proof.

The one thing that come to my recollection was yes there weren't enough life boats because it just didn't look as appealing because style was more important than safety.

Even though there where not enough life boats after investigation most of the life boats that they had where not full to capacity which shows more lives could have been saved. The captain kind of just watched his unsinkable sheep sink and the band played.

Many of us ignore the dangers out there, and take for granted the clear skies. We know the risks, and some things are out of our hands, but if those things happen why do we choose to ignore the positive possibilites. Why do we choose to just keep riding it out thinking that things will just change on there own.

Why don't we take ownership and try to make the best out of a bad situation. As bad as the tragedy it could have been so much better. Lets not just watch the ship go down, but lets go out fighting to save each life that is possible.

It might be our ship, and yes the captain is the last person off. But it doesn't give us the right to give up and just watch the boat go down. That is not what God intended by running the race and finishing the race. Fighting the good fight. No matter what you are facing, don't loose hope, when all things look like the odds are not in your favor remember that no matter the outcome there is always a way. Through life and through death there is always a way. No matter the storm God is always on the ship, and when you are restless he is resting. You can not control everything about this life but you can control how you face each obstacle and situation. Stop watching your ship go down! When its time it will be time but as long as you have air to breath, and life to step you are not done! You are not done! He never gives up but the choice is yours weather you just sit and let it sink and watch the waters rise around you. Or if you fight the fight and run your race. He is at the finish line and once you make it the race is finally complete!

Love you!

The Greatest victory started with a Welcome and ended with Rejection

Out of all the times to enter Jerusalem it makes so much sense for him to enter at Passover which is a celebration by the jews. It is celebrating being liberated from slavery in ancient Egypt over 3,300 years ago from pharaohs strong hold when God raised up a man name Moses to lead them out of Egypt to freedom. This time he was coming to deliver them for good by laying down his life to arise to Heaven for eternity so that we through our own individual choice of salvation can have freedom for eternity also.

The only true savior that ever existed "Jesus Christ" entered Jerusalem on a donkey to a crowd of yelling and waving fans.(Matthew 21:1-11) I call them fans because a fan knows of someone but doesn't know that person personally. No relationship exists and this is why Jesus was weeping as he approached Jerusalem because he wanted them to understand the way to peace but was hidden from their sight because of unbelief. Jesus warned that not long their enemies will surround their city and leave no stone untouched. (Luke 19:41-44)

While in Jerusalem his biggest advesaries like most of his ministry and life where the leading priests, the teachers of religious law, and other leaders. They wanted to try to kill Jesus and looked for key opportunities but because of his popularity with people they didn't want to loose their popularity in this political game they where playing. When they the ones that knew the scriptures the best and where to be teachers of it. Where only that the words had become things they read and not something that they took to heart and lived. It was more important for their own gain than for them to find salvation. Jesus was just trying to bring order back to the temple (church). The merchants and money changers made big money during the passover because everybody came from all over to attend. It was blocking the way for the gentiles that where visiting to gain access to the temple's court of the gentiles and making it impossible for any non-jews to take part in worship. (Mark 11:15-19)

As he entered Jerusalem his name was shouted among all, coats thrown before him, as well as branches of trees lined the street for a triumphant entrance as they called him King. This welcome was short lived because to the people the king had come and even with prophecy fulfilled and the signs before them. Many still did not believe. The many ones that did believe where scared of the pharisees because if they admitted their belief they might be expelled from the synagogue. They loved the praise of others more than the praise of God. (John 12:37-43)

I hope we learn from these religious leaders and leading priest that lost their way because they got caught up in popularity than being a disciple of Christ. 

Anyone who wants to be my disciple must follow me because my servants must be Where I am. And the Father will honor anyone who serves me. -John 12:28

They shouted and welcomed him but they still rejected him because he didn't deliver them they way thought he would or the way they wanted him too. What they don't realize is that the Greatest Victory was taking place before there very eyes as everything was being put in place for the greatest sacrifice ever made. It was given freely with every ounce of blood, tears, and pain. He did it so we could have eternal life and we would never be in bondage to this world again if we believe that when we die we too will be resurrected to live with Christ forever.

My prayer for my life and for yours is that we never loose focus of the only thing that ever matters. We must walk in the light or we will be overtaken by the darkness. For the lives we live every day if we allow God to consume it we can be vessels of his light every day.Because the light that lives deep inside if you allow it to shine will penetrate any bit of darkness that surrounds you. I see the greatest victory and my welcome will always be, and i will never reject the one that through everything he endured still persevered to the end of his race to fulfill his purpose for his father and laid his life down. I surrender my life and i write this because i love you that is reading this and those that see this and read no further. Because i want you to not overlook the greatest victory that has ever taken place. Before this death was the end, but after this death is not the end but just the beginning. This victory broke every chain of slavery if you just beleive.

We will always be sheep following one Shepherd

One example out of many i have seen over the years in social media lingo..

Smelling like sheep @ ______ Hospital w/ _________

You may look at yourself as a shepherd, but remember you are still just a sheep following a shepherd. From birth the lambs are taught to follow the older members of the flock. The dominant members lead the flock followed by the submissive. When one sheep moves the rest will follow even when it is not safe to follow. The following instinct of a sheep is so dominant that it was proven in 2006 in eastern Turkey. When one sheep started to try to walk across a 15 meter ravine the other 399 followed him as they plunged to their death.

Be careful when you lead because where you are leading other sheep will follow. Leading comes with so much responsibility and it should be a honor to be a sheep that leads other sheep. We all should be focused on being led by the one true shepherd and we should all be focused on doing our part as being a sheep in the flock.

Dear brothers and sisters,[a] not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly. - John 3:1 NLT

Your words say a lot, and the undertone is seen and felt by everyone. You might be posting on your social feed or sending a text to your friend, but others are following. They are just like you a sheep, and they smell like you a sheep. Being a sheep in the flock (Body of Christ) that has one Shepherd (God).

You don't go to a hospital to visit someone you love and care about because you want to smell like a sheep because you woke up a sheep and believe me you smell like a sheep. You go to visit or spend time with a loved one because you care about them and you want to be with them and show them love. This is not something that means to much to them when they see you come and then they see you posted you come to see them to smell like a sheep. So it kind of sounds like you are trying to put yourself over them, and i took time to come and get dirty and smell like a sheep today. When they are just like you. They have a heart and a soul. The only thing that should be important is that they know you care about them and not if others know. That they know there is no difference between you or them. That you both are sheep, and you all are trying to be apart of the flock as you all follow the shepherd. You are all in the flock keeping one another safe because there are predators trying to find stragglers.

We must remember this verse to put it all in to perspective.

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. -                John 15:13 NLT

We must remember there is no greater love than when we are willing to lay down pride, self -worth, wants, desires, because laying it all down to love and live our life the way Christ teaches us in the word is why we live. There is nothing greater than to lay everything down because the only thing that matters is not what we are saying but how we are living it out. When we make these kinds of statements and we post them for others to see that is all the reward some likes on a post and maybe some comments from friends doing the same thing. But the greatest reward is when you love and serve others the way Jesus walked it out. Not for esteem, not for notoriety, not for affirmation, but for the love of the person he was doing it for. They where the reason and for him that was everything. Is that enough and everything for you. Remember there is no greater love than to lay down your life for one's friends.

Be a sheep that leads and that loves because with leading comes many responsibilities. All i have to say if you are wanting to walk out front where you can't see the other sheep you better be walking close to the shepherd!

Picture by AMCunningham

We must not live by our Emotions but by Execution

Life is filled with so many emotions, and each day you never know what may be ahead. Its not for us to know what tomorrow holds but it is up to us to live today. We want to live out the Will of God for our lives but we have to get a handle of our emotions if we want to execute.

Matthew 6:34 (NIV)

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Plato described emotions and reasoning as two different horses pulling us in different directions. Many people relate reasoning with our brain and emotions to our heart. Also called a battle between the heart and the mind.

Emotiona natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. (Google)

Execution- the carrying out or putting into effect of a plan, order, or course of action. (Google)

I am not saying even with the best of intentions we all might not slip up and allow our emotions to get the best of us because we are human. But this doesn't give us the right to just let our emotions run a muck and not do what we know is right.

James 4:17 (NLT)

Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.

There are countless stories in the bible where you can see the disciples fell prey to their emotions. Within the bible you can also see the outcomes of those moments as teachable moments.

Overpowering the emotion of Fear to Love

The Apostle Paul had his encounter with God and his life was forever changed. He immediately wanted to start spreading the news so that others could know Christ personally. The problem was Paul's previous Job was to persecute the church. So the emotion of trust was not their for the other disciples. It should have been there but all of them didn't want to give Paul a chance. There was one disciple that decided to do the right thing and to disciple young Paul, and his name was Barnabas. Today we hold Barnabas in high regard because he was willing to do something that was right but also something that made him an outsider for the time being. Even his friends that understood how they had just as much of a dirty past but had been giving the opportunity by Jesus to turn their life around. Barnabas was living a principle that Jesus lived out and that was to disciple, to love, and to empower them to live out their faith no matter the cost.

Its easy to look back and see what we know today and see all the wonderful things Paul did, and his life still inspires so many. But if Barnabas had of also turned him away what could of been. When we allow our emotions to manipulate what we know is right their will be consequences whether they are good or bad.

Overpowering the emotion of Abandonment to Love

Joseph in the bible to many was a wonderful story, but a story that is wonderful because he endured to the fulfillment of Gods plan. He never got bitter no matter the circumstance, he served, and found favor everywhere he went. He was a person that was a dreamer and he was misunderstood. The ones he loved the most abandoned him because they where jealous. At a young age was sold off as a slave and his father was told he was dead. Then was sold to Potiphar the Captain of Pharohs Guard. While living in Potiphar's house his wife took a liking to Joseph and made a move on him which he turned down. With being rejected she yelled and accused him of trying to make a move on her. This landed him in prison. Then while in prison God gave him understanding of a dream Pharaoh had that only Joseph could decipher. This put Joseph right where the first Dream he was given showed him. Along the way Joseph couldn't see this but he had faith, no matter the adversity throughout the years, how long it took to happen, but he served God. He could have given into abandonment but he choose to love his family and help use what God had given him to save his people from a famine. If he had of given in to the emotions he could have died in that prison of famine as well as all the other people, but he choose to rejoice and have faith in all things.


Overpowering the emotion of Defensiveness with Love

While Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane praying, and his disciples that where supposed to be keeping watch kept falling asleep. His Disciple Judas was betraying him and eventually was about to betray him with a kiss. He was praying to God and preparing for what was to come. Then Judas arrived with the temple guards and gave him a kiss of betrayal singling him out for capture. In the commotion Simon Peter drew on the soldiers and cut one of their ears off. Jesus immediately started to criticize this violent act and he healed the ear of the soldier and submitted to the arrest. The witness accounts of this is found in the bible books of  Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

They are countless where the disciples and Jesus modeled the importance of thinking before we act. To step up and do what we where called to do no matter how hard or strenuous the task. We must see it through. 

2 Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

We do not win in this life playing with our emotions but we win by executing what we know is Gods game plan for our lives. We must have a relationship with Christ, read his word, and spend time with him in worship and prayer. It is not something we can maybe do but it is something that is non-negotiable and a must. The word of God which is every christians game plan is not given just to talk about, but it is to be executed by living and walking it out.