The Greatest victory started with a Welcome and ended with Rejection

Out of all the times to enter Jerusalem it makes so much sense for him to enter at Passover which is a celebration by the jews. It is celebrating being liberated from slavery in ancient Egypt over 3,300 years ago from pharaohs strong hold when God raised up a man name Moses to lead them out of Egypt to freedom. This time he was coming to deliver them for good by laying down his life to arise to Heaven for eternity so that we through our own individual choice of salvation can have freedom for eternity also.

The only true savior that ever existed "Jesus Christ" entered Jerusalem on a donkey to a crowd of yelling and waving fans.(Matthew 21:1-11) I call them fans because a fan knows of someone but doesn't know that person personally. No relationship exists and this is why Jesus was weeping as he approached Jerusalem because he wanted them to understand the way to peace but was hidden from their sight because of unbelief. Jesus warned that not long their enemies will surround their city and leave no stone untouched. (Luke 19:41-44)

While in Jerusalem his biggest advesaries like most of his ministry and life where the leading priests, the teachers of religious law, and other leaders. They wanted to try to kill Jesus and looked for key opportunities but because of his popularity with people they didn't want to loose their popularity in this political game they where playing. When they the ones that knew the scriptures the best and where to be teachers of it. Where only that the words had become things they read and not something that they took to heart and lived. It was more important for their own gain than for them to find salvation. Jesus was just trying to bring order back to the temple (church). The merchants and money changers made big money during the passover because everybody came from all over to attend. It was blocking the way for the gentiles that where visiting to gain access to the temple's court of the gentiles and making it impossible for any non-jews to take part in worship. (Mark 11:15-19)

As he entered Jerusalem his name was shouted among all, coats thrown before him, as well as branches of trees lined the street for a triumphant entrance as they called him King. This welcome was short lived because to the people the king had come and even with prophecy fulfilled and the signs before them. Many still did not believe. The many ones that did believe where scared of the pharisees because if they admitted their belief they might be expelled from the synagogue. They loved the praise of others more than the praise of God. (John 12:37-43)

I hope we learn from these religious leaders and leading priest that lost their way because they got caught up in popularity than being a disciple of Christ. 

Anyone who wants to be my disciple must follow me because my servants must be Where I am. And the Father will honor anyone who serves me. -John 12:28

They shouted and welcomed him but they still rejected him because he didn't deliver them they way thought he would or the way they wanted him too. What they don't realize is that the Greatest Victory was taking place before there very eyes as everything was being put in place for the greatest sacrifice ever made. It was given freely with every ounce of blood, tears, and pain. He did it so we could have eternal life and we would never be in bondage to this world again if we believe that when we die we too will be resurrected to live with Christ forever.

My prayer for my life and for yours is that we never loose focus of the only thing that ever matters. We must walk in the light or we will be overtaken by the darkness. For the lives we live every day if we allow God to consume it we can be vessels of his light every day.Because the light that lives deep inside if you allow it to shine will penetrate any bit of darkness that surrounds you. I see the greatest victory and my welcome will always be, and i will never reject the one that through everything he endured still persevered to the end of his race to fulfill his purpose for his father and laid his life down. I surrender my life and i write this because i love you that is reading this and those that see this and read no further. Because i want you to not overlook the greatest victory that has ever taken place. Before this death was the end, but after this death is not the end but just the beginning. This victory broke every chain of slavery if you just beleive.