Are you just going to ride your ship down?

I love to watch documentaries and not to long ago i watched a documentary on the Titanic. There where so many different things that happened that night that if done different could have made the events of that night so much different.

First, maybe because there where some over confidence because this was called the unsinkable ship. When we know in life anything man made is not sink proof.

The one thing that come to my recollection was yes there weren't enough life boats because it just didn't look as appealing because style was more important than safety.

Even though there where not enough life boats after investigation most of the life boats that they had where not full to capacity which shows more lives could have been saved. The captain kind of just watched his unsinkable sheep sink and the band played.

Many of us ignore the dangers out there, and take for granted the clear skies. We know the risks, and some things are out of our hands, but if those things happen why do we choose to ignore the positive possibilites. Why do we choose to just keep riding it out thinking that things will just change on there own.

Why don't we take ownership and try to make the best out of a bad situation. As bad as the tragedy it could have been so much better. Lets not just watch the ship go down, but lets go out fighting to save each life that is possible.

It might be our ship, and yes the captain is the last person off. But it doesn't give us the right to give up and just watch the boat go down. That is not what God intended by running the race and finishing the race. Fighting the good fight. No matter what you are facing, don't loose hope, when all things look like the odds are not in your favor remember that no matter the outcome there is always a way. Through life and through death there is always a way. No matter the storm God is always on the ship, and when you are restless he is resting. You can not control everything about this life but you can control how you face each obstacle and situation. Stop watching your ship go down! When its time it will be time but as long as you have air to breath, and life to step you are not done! You are not done! He never gives up but the choice is yours weather you just sit and let it sink and watch the waters rise around you. Or if you fight the fight and run your race. He is at the finish line and once you make it the race is finally complete!

Love you!