Never let your art of love be a forgery

Love is art to each individual person because every one chooses to love and paint differently. Each relationship starts as a blank canvas. What the art piece starts as is a building block on what the final masterpiece will look like.

Art the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aestheticprinciples, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.  (

I look at my friends and i enjoy the time i spend with them because they are all unique artists and the way they see the world is all a little different in the way their lives are painted. When true artists that are willing to let their natural one of a kind ability be genuinely revealed can bring color and beauty to everything in the world around them.

I love to design and do DIY projects. It is something about being able to see something beautiful in a bunch of random things that many would not associate, and being able to take them and create a one of a kind art piece.

When you start a new art piece like a new relationship it is about seeing it thru. Sometimes while creating things, problems can arise and the project doesn't seem to be going as planned. Sometimes you even have to make alterations or redraw the plans to still finish the art work. These moments can be frustrating, if you allow it to effect your emotions. If you choose to calm yourself and look at the big picture. Your one step closer to the outcome and in this moment you will learn to do things you never knew you where capable of doing. It then builds on your craftsmanship and unique artistry.

Every project starts as a blank canvas and i have learned so much while finding who i am as a designer and artist. Some important life lessons i have learned as a artist.

  1. Never think you can't do something.
  2. Let your imagination inspire you.
  3. Always be a student of your craft.
  4. Much of the time it is about having the right tools and supplies.
  5. Try new things.
  6. Mess things up.
  7. Learn from others.
  8. Take and listen to critique and criticism.
  9. If you love the idea don't stop until you complete it.
  10. A art piece may change direction as you go. That is alright!
  11. In art it is like being a music conductor, you know how the music is written, you know how to Que the sections and keep them in time, but you can't play every instrument in every section. So yes with the right pieces you can conduct a masterpiece. It is still up to what you have to work with and being able to get the best out of it.

Over my life i am still in pursuit of really becoming a master in the art of love. I think just like their are always more art pieces, and more parts to a project. That their is always more you can do and learning the art of love never stops. To be a master of anything is never knowing everything, but be a person in constant pursuit. Are you a person that is in constant pursuit to be a better lover?

I hope i never loose the true meaning of art. I never want to loose the quality of my love. Always strive to become a better producer of my love. Learn to better express my love, and always work toward painting it beautiful to the eye, appealing to the touch, and more than ordinary to experience for each person i come in contact with and know.

Being a forgery is not always easy, but it is never rewarding. You create a masterpiece that others enjoy because they think it is real, but never truly being able to enjoy the real work of a true masterpiece at hand. You might give others a false sense of love and yes that is a big disservice to them. The truth of the matter the forger is the true sucker in love. They never gave real love so they can never truly receive it. You can't give something you never had to give and you can't receive what was never there to receive.

You want true love in your life well  its starts with you. How about becoming a real artist for once by creating your own one of a kind masterpiece. Lets not destroy any more blank canvases in our lives, but lets create masterpieces by giving your all one of a kind art, "LOVE!"


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