We will always be sheep following one Shepherd

One example out of many i have seen over the years in social media lingo..

Smelling like sheep @ ______ Hospital w/ _________

You may look at yourself as a shepherd, but remember you are still just a sheep following a shepherd. From birth the lambs are taught to follow the older members of the flock. The dominant members lead the flock followed by the submissive. When one sheep moves the rest will follow even when it is not safe to follow. The following instinct of a sheep is so dominant that it was proven in 2006 in eastern Turkey. When one sheep started to try to walk across a 15 meter ravine the other 399 followed him as they plunged to their death.

Be careful when you lead because where you are leading other sheep will follow. Leading comes with so much responsibility and it should be a honor to be a sheep that leads other sheep. We all should be focused on being led by the one true shepherd and we should all be focused on doing our part as being a sheep in the flock.

Dear brothers and sisters,[a] not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly. - John 3:1 NLT

Your words say a lot, and the undertone is seen and felt by everyone. You might be posting on your social feed or sending a text to your friend, but others are following. They are just like you a sheep, and they smell like you a sheep. Being a sheep in the flock (Body of Christ) that has one Shepherd (God).

You don't go to a hospital to visit someone you love and care about because you want to smell like a sheep because you woke up a sheep and believe me you smell like a sheep. You go to visit or spend time with a loved one because you care about them and you want to be with them and show them love. This is not something that means to much to them when they see you come and then they see you posted you come to see them to smell like a sheep. So it kind of sounds like you are trying to put yourself over them, and i took time to come and get dirty and smell like a sheep today. When they are just like you. They have a heart and a soul. The only thing that should be important is that they know you care about them and not if others know. That they know there is no difference between you or them. That you both are sheep, and you all are trying to be apart of the flock as you all follow the shepherd. You are all in the flock keeping one another safe because there are predators trying to find stragglers.

We must remember this verse to put it all in to perspective.

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. -                John 15:13 NLT

We must remember there is no greater love than when we are willing to lay down pride, self -worth, wants, desires, because laying it all down to love and live our life the way Christ teaches us in the word is why we live. There is nothing greater than to lay everything down because the only thing that matters is not what we are saying but how we are living it out. When we make these kinds of statements and we post them for others to see that is all the reward some likes on a post and maybe some comments from friends doing the same thing. But the greatest reward is when you love and serve others the way Jesus walked it out. Not for esteem, not for notoriety, not for affirmation, but for the love of the person he was doing it for. They where the reason and for him that was everything. Is that enough and everything for you. Remember there is no greater love than to lay down your life for one's friends.

Be a sheep that leads and that loves because with leading comes many responsibilities. All i have to say if you are wanting to walk out front where you can't see the other sheep you better be walking close to the shepherd!

Picture by AMCunningham