Campfire Songs and Stories

Hello from Dream Ministries,

This is a new project we are working on called Campfire Songs and Stories. We will share songs and stories that are meaningful to us. Some are covers and some are originals.

First began this innitiative during Christmas 2018 so this was the Theme but they will change throughout the years!

If you have a special request or you are interested in sharing an original song or cover with a little story behind the song please reach out by filling out the form below.

Also if you have any special requests of songs you would like me to do, I will do my best to attempt them and give you a special shout out.

This is also for writers if you are interested in sharing a short story that is about two to three minutes long that you have wrote that is inspirational please reach out by filling out the form below.

This endeavor is not about us singing songs, but the heart of this project is to hear your songs and stories. We love music and stories and so therefore this project is to capture that in a very fun way!

Come join us around the camp fire my friend!

Blessings from Dream Ministries

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